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My work... I am pround of it... a little XD




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I want to start sharing my creativity, so...
Distance by Helena-G-FiorenzaSmooth Creeps Mc Pasta by Helena-G-FiorenzaArt trade for jesse-drawz by Helena-G-Fiorenza Tumblr is ruining me by Helena-G-Fiorenza Silvia and Xen s kid: Jay by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Tumblr. Stamp by PFV0-Stamp a-spoon-full-of-creatures.tumb…
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Request .:Narrators:. by Helena-G-Fiorenza

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Creepy but Cute stuff
Bio .:Torch:. by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Forest by Helena-G-Fiorenza
New Oc: Boca llena de Ojos. by Helena-G-Fiorenza
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be specific
Character creation - Color image + sketches
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Limit by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Silvia-line no mask by Helena-G-Fiorenza
You should send whatever you want me to include. 
I'll send you the drafts I made to desing it.
I can make a small backstory for free
Black and white - Pen
Silvia .:human form:I will burn ya face:. by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Silvia .:human form:lost:. by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Silvia .:new look:. by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Scanned =w=
Black and white - One character
Silvia based .:Avatar from Gaia Online I made :. by Helena-G-Fiorenza
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+1 point for adding another color
Color - one character
Silvia .:Red Hood:. by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Little Silvia by Helena-G-Fiorenza
bored by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Sun? I don't see light by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Baroness .:Silvia:. by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Silvisa+red by Helena-G-Fiorenza
color means using many colours
black and white -2 characters
Silvia and Jeff .:scarf kiss:. by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Arpons for two. by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Jeff and Silvia by Helena-G-Fiorenza
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follow by Helena-G-Fiorenza
+5 points for more characters
Color - 2 characters
cheese by Helena-G-Fiorenza
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Cozy Couple by Helena-G-Fiorenza
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Silvia and the new Proxy by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Color means that I'll use many colors, not one =w=
Color - Group - 3 or more characters
Oh....anime drama by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Wellcome to the family, Kenny by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Scrap145 A-2 by Helena-G-Fiorenza
For a huge group, it will cost more so don't be shy to ask =w=


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An alarm goes off at a pharmacy as a dude with a backpack runs from inside the store. The guy has globes, dirty dark blue jeans and a dirty white hoodie that’s a bit too small for him. His face is barely visible thanks to a black piece of cloth that at least covers the lower half of his face.He couldn’t go through his main plan but he got some cash and essential stuff that he needs. The cashier got several stab wounds. The police arrive and one of the officers go to check on the cashier. They find it alive and in pain but their chest area haven’t been touch at all. What seems that were stab wounds cover their entire forearms and  thighs. An ambulance was on their way, luckily for the one bleeding on the floor.
The young man gets away from the place in time, his vision was so bad he could barely aim at the failed victim. It’s not that this man was a fan of killing but it’s the easier way not to be recognized. He quickly turns his direction so he can get inside an old building. He sits facing the door where he just came from and hurries to apply the eye drops.
An huge freshing feeling of peace washes away the burning pain his unblinking eyes have been giving the man. He have tried before to steal those more often but it’s very rarw to find them inside all the houses he gets in to steal.
The relief doesn’t last long and soon comes the pain again. His eyes are dry as hell. He should have done this before but it was never the right time.
Suddenly the sound of something being dragged across the wooden floor calls the man’s attention. He turns and there it is. Someone sleeping in the old house, HIS old house. The sleeping person doesn’t look as a male or female but their short hair kinda makes them look as a female.
The man chucles as he gets, walks closer and steps on the sleeping person but his foot goes through. The man can’t blink but that is a surprise to him. This time he aims and wait for his foot to be just on top of the sleeping person and stomps as hard as he can but the man remains in place.
The person is awake and is staring at the intruder.
The man lost it. He breaks into a laughter as he repetly steps on the untouchable being as he murmrs to himself.
The man knows the face must be broken. He can’t stare at anyone’s face for too long. It’s too horrible. He needs to do it. He can’t bear to see this person awake. The eyes must remain closed. People can'¡t be awake. Nobody should open their eyes.
“No, no, no don’t do this to me! Fuck it! come one!”
The man falls to his knees and start hitting the awaken person. The man starts laughing again.
“Close them now! Go to fucking sleep!”
The man then tries to grab the person’s neck and pins them down, humming to himself as he grabs his still bloody knife and stabs the face.
“If you are immortal I guess you won’t care.”
He gets up and laughs as he grabs his own head and press it. It’s too late for the man to get out. He has to make those eye stay closed.
“Stop calling me psycho! You are! Shut up!”
He aims at his chest, knowing that the person probably haven’t said anything but feeling in his gut they did. Everyone stare.
“Shut up! You are ugly and dead and sop looking at me! I did nothing! No, STOP IT don’t laugh!”
He waits for the person to move their lips. The man suddenly realice he can finally see blood, fresh blood, on the floor. But there is no person and there has never been one. He looks at his hands and notices he is grabbing the knife by the edge. He sighs and gets up so he can change the globe and fix himself up.
“At least there were no bug. Are you gonna come back stronger, right? Filled with bugs? I see bugs when I kill…ugh… please don’t be a walking zombie”
The man looks back once more and see nobody there but he can still feel staring eyes fixed on him.
Once the man has his left hand in conditions he openes a transparent bottle and drinks up. It’s hand sanitizer but damn it feels good when it finally hits him and the stare no longer seems important. He gets down and lies to a side as he pulls the black piece of clothing down. His long and self inflicted smile seems to show more happiness that it will ever be in his mind. For now he just needs to sleep.
It is a normal Monday night for some
thanks askshutzen for your help writting my last story.

It is not that violent but I don't want complains.
Scrap747 A by Helena-G-Fiorenza
Scrap747 A

When I am sad I am a great artist but not when I am TRULLY sad. I then only want to offer my place to anyone else. like “Hey, come here. It is a good life. Go live it. I am getting out from it” or something like that. 

When I feel worthless (I guess I make myself feel that way. Who else is there to blame?) I end up crying and then shaking and sobbing and all the face is hot and wet and I wonder why I didn’t end this and gave others the opportunity of a good life?
I will soon finish the drawings I owe.

Since I understood what a Rake was I had this vital pulse to make public my encounter with a similar looking creature, thinking that since it was true, people would love to hear about it but the more I tried to tell about it to narrators and posting on my blog, I realize that even if someone died nobody cared.

The truth is that that was the only time I got really scared, apart from that creature, my family and I have lots of stories about weird and strange things.

For example one of my cousins, Mia, told me that while she was living in Mexico with her family, her mom walked her to school. In her way there they passed by this old man’s house. Now you wonder “uuuuh, is this gonna be creepy?”. Well, yeah. It was creepy for her because she saw his frontyard change like not all the time or every week but it always had something different. The things she told me that remembered were when he nailed a lot of twisted metal objects to his wall and the day that he hang up from a rope this tv. It wasn’t broken and looked like if it should be a swing there. It had a table under the suspended tv.

My grandmother was told a couple of times that in Brazil, when the granddaughter of the fundator of their religion gave people energy (Hand Imposition it’s their rough translation) the ones that were being used by evil spirits screamed in the audience. She said that this happened many times, that they hurt themselve, scream in pain and claim to being burn alive. I never asked her what did the “preparated people” in those situations.
A couple of years latter she told mom and I that she did the same thing to a friend of hers since, well, Hand Imposition is a common thing to do in that religious group; it is used to make people feel better, detect some body malfuntion and in cases helps a lot to heal people.
The thing with my grandmother and grandfather (that was there too that day) is that they were never told how to help in that kind of situations. The old woman screamed and pulled from her clothes and went to the kitchen and poured water on her body.
My grandmother never told me how much time takes for the people to feel normal again. Seems that her friend had many spirits in her body. I didn’t ask how she knew that.

I know that that wasn’t the first time that my grandfather saw something like that. No, he wasn’t in those celebrations where that grandaughter was present. You see, he studied to be a minister from that same religion. Being someone that offered his home for the cult for Meishusama, a lot of people knew him. Mom was super young when he was asked to do a Hand Imposition session to this sick young lady. My god did he regret it.
The thing is that at some point in the one hour session, this young lady was pushed or threw herself to the floor, screaming and having her hair pulled back by something invisible. She then screamed in a man’s voice. She didn’t know Italian but she was talking in that language. Her mom or dad later said to my grandparents that it was exacly like her own father’s voice and she knew Italian. My grandfather called aminister and asked as calm as he could help. He did an exorsism on the young lady. When he told me this I asked how it was but he couldn’t remember. The minister dictated how and what to do.

By the way, what the mother of that young lady said the lady shouted in a male voice was “I am not leaving this body”.
Another reasong why I don’t fuck up with ghosts or spirits (What at some point I did but didn’t know they were going to hurt me) is because mom told me what happened to her. When she was in her 20’s she got married and one year latter divorced. Mom was in this big sad state, letting anyone enter her home and sleep in her floor. One time she got more than 10 people.
She isn’t proud of that. By that time she made a food offer for her ancestors. What she didn’t know is that you never, NEVER, never let the offer on your table. If you leave an offer on the same place you eat, is an open invitation for spirits to enter. She lived a nightmare for months: Her dog stared to corners and stayed still, she felt at night someone breathing into her face (by that time she wasn’t inviting anyone else into her home), she even founf footseps on her covers.

I shouldn’t be so vague when telling she decided that was her apartment and she was the owner of, as she said “four walls”. She still moved a couple of months later because she was still with depresion. (she is fine now :) )
Last thing, don’t trust spirits. It’s not long since I decide to ignore those fuckers. I have a lot to tell what I personally experience with the spiritual fucking world but hear me this: Humans are bad people, both the alive and dead. They would do anything to feel alive. Do not trade with them, do not trust them. If they look like kids, if they appear in not abandomed houses, if they make visible during the day, if they claim to be a recently deseased relative: DO NOT BELIVE THOSE FUCKERS.

NEVER do anything because you feel pity. They had their chance. Don’t ofer them ANYTHING. I thought I was smart. Well, now I am rude. Fuck those bastards. The last I saw wasn’t even a relative. Mom still wants me to see, she sais that anything I study can help me to “brighten this world”.
Fuck that. I am not gonna let those distorted creatures convince me of anything else. They try first to scare you so they can freaking enter you. I thought they were friends. I thought they were what everyone was talking about in their blogs. They (I guess) assumed shapes and forms for me to like them. Fuck the spiritual world. I am not gonna clean anyone. Go to a professional. I won’t put up with any of those diform acumulation of energy.

Do I care I say a saint and protector? No, fuck that. How can I tell they were real? A bunch of lights floating arround a sacred place could mean anything. Do I care I saw a lot of times someone that looked like Jesus? NO! THE FUCK?! I don’t like him. I don’t know if he was ral or a woman or if he had kids or if he was god. Why wouldn’t spirits take his form and use their name to convince people to do things. It was so clear, so happy.
Don’t trust visions. Either day or night. Two failed me. I won’t trust anyone either dead or alive.
I am really happy. Here is the link. It is the first thing you see. You are more than wellcome to see the other photos ;)


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